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Self Care Medications

We write to inform you that a range of medicines that are available to buy over the counter from Pharmacies and Supermarkets will no longer be routinely prescribed by Baddeley Green Surgery. These are medicines associated with a number of minor, short term conditions, which either get better themselves or you can treat yourself. (For a full list of these, please follow the link below).

The decision in Staffordshire follows a recent national consultation and NHS England guidance which recommended this change. It is aimed at reducing spending on minor conditions so that funds can be spent on other areas of healthcare and services which will have greater benefits for patients.

Patients who get free prescriptions or those who use pre-payment for prescriptions are not exempt.

The expectation is, you will need to pursue these medications over the counter from your pharmacist. We realise this decision may cause financial problems for some, and therefore we want to make it crystal clear that this decision has been made by NHS England and not the clinicians at Baddeley Green Surgery.

If you wish to discuss this in greater detail, please contact Patient Liaison Service (PALS) on 0808 196 8861.

Please see attached leaflet for further details

Kind Regards

Dr Kostakopoulou and Dr Asghar