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Friends of Baddeley Green (FOBS)

Friends of Baddeley Green Surgery is a patient representative group. It was formed in 1998 when patient groups were virtually unheard of. Fundamentally the group, which is a registered charity, is now responsible for managing the monies of the Friends of Baddeley Green Trust and has been responsible for ensuring that we as a practice are fully cognisant of the patient’ views regarding how we can utilise any monies to gain maximal benefit for the patients.

In the past most of the suggestions made by the Friends of Baddeley Green Surgery have been incorporated into everyday practice. With the changing demographic we expect the BGSWhatsappPPG will embrace the important function of giving us vital feedback. We envisage that FOBS will maintain its role in overseeing monies and donation made to Baddeley Green Surgery Trust.

As a practice we are immensely grateful to this group of people who give their time and enthusiasm freely.

If you feel you would like to become involved with this you can contact Jean Brockley, Secretary on 01782 538228.